Nhựa In 3D LCD eResin-PLA Pro(1l)

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+Environmentally friendly, bio-based+High strength and toughness, balanced performance+High precision, high resolution+Compatible with color monitors, monochrome displays, large format printers and small
High Accuracy & Low Shrinkage Acrylate monomers reduce volume shrinkage during imaging, resulting in high accuracy of printed model with smooth finish and clear display of details.
PLA Plant Resin
Synthesized by Lactic Acid extracted from corn. Environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Reduces odor and irritation. Good biocompatibility. Great mold effect. Hardness 78-80D.



High Accuracy & High Resolution
Compared to eResin-PLA, eResin PLA Pro offers more precision in printed models, which can meet your needs for delicate, tailored molded parts with all kinds of garage kits and dental models requiring high resolution.
Stable mechanical properties
Plastic printed models have good toughness, high precision as well as high rigidity with balanced overall performance. Besides, the plastic printed models have a very pure and gorgeous color effect like a work of art.



Safe packaging
Thick aluminum bottles are completely protected from light. Leak-proof bottles are completely wrapped with plastic bubble bags to ensure the plastic stays in their correct place. Specially designed for LED light source to achieve better print quality.
Resin for Monochrome eSUN high precision 3d screen printer
eResin PLA Pro is specially designed for high volume printing, compatible for Monochrome screen printers and printing on color screen printers without residue or film or scale. High print success rate.



Strength (S)  3
Toughness (F) 3.5
Forming(P)  4
Accuracy (S) 4.5
Speed(A)  3
Tensile Strength(MPa) 37-48
Flexural Strength(Mpa) 36-49
Elongation at Break(%)  25-28%
IZOD Impact Strength/(J/m) 32-36
Hardness(Shoe D) 78-80
Viscosity 200-300
Density 1.09-1.10



Address: No. 10, Adjacent to 5, Dai Thanh Urban Area, Phan Trong Tue, Thanh Tri Hanoi

Map : Here

Hotline: 0938.245.599 VND

Email:  info@3dthinking.vn

Zalo:   0938.245.599 VND



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